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patchy transfers on 100% cotton ?

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i wonder if anyone can suggest how to solve my patchy transfer problem ?

i am using ht pigment inks
100% cotton AAA ts

when i do test prints on some test fabric i bought ( the closest to t shirt material i could find - i think its part lycra because it is very stretchy ) the transfers are perfect, SOLID DARK blacks, amazing!

but when i use my t shirts, they are garbage

its like the ink only adheres to every second thread or something ?

i am following the instructions to a t

has anyone seen this problem before that can suggest a fix ? longer press, shorter press, give up etc

thanks 1000000
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Try lint rolling before transfering but also what temp and time are you using?
thanks for your help kyle
i pre press the shirt for about 7 secs and lint roll

then press for 30 secs at 195 ºC (383 ºF)

with teflon under the shirt and above the shirt (2 sheets)

then wait 10 secs and peel, although i find the transfer adheres better the longer i leave it

Try lint rolling before pre-press. When you press your pushing the loose fibers into the shirt and harder to lift them with the roller. Also I would up the temp by 5 degrees F. Last thing you can try is peeling hot. I do not wait. Then I post press for 8 seconds with teflon for a smoother feel. Good luck.
I also lint roll and heavy pressure and hot peel immediatly. I use 100% cotton shirts. Mike
Also afterwards stretch it while it is hot.... like the part were the design is this allows for more stretchness afterwashing and a softer hand
Also from the picture I am seeing the shirt you are using looks ribbed with the little colums going down it that might be part of your probelem becuase i only transfer on flat non ribbed shirts (atleast i think thats what they call them)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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