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I have an old National Screen Printing Equipment Conveyor Dryer I am parting out.

If you want the whole thing, thats fine by me.
It stopped working about the third week of January. I think it is the control panel that could probably be replaced but I just did not want to work on it. I was planning on purchasing a new one anyway.

It does have many new(er) parts in it that I think some one could use as a back up or spare.

Two of the three heating panels are under two years old. They measure 12"x 24" The third panel works but is of unknown age.

The Belt is 24" wide and is also two years old. No wear much at all.

Brand new transformer, never used. 240v to 120v

Mercury Switches tested good but I have no idea about them other than that.

Make a reasonable offer on any part and it is yours.

Just posting if anybody needs any part of it. In a couple weeks I will roll it across the scales for scrap.


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