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Hello Guys,
Love the forum..
Well I bought a Hobby Lite small press, the first two hot peels were great.
Then the third was a disaster!
Half the paper stuck to the shirt the other half was fine and came off easy.

Hobby lite
med pressure
375 deg
7 sec
Tee 50/50 Hanes
per instruction from BestBlanks
HP printer
To Much Heat?
Not enough?

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Hello again
Of course it took longer then i thought to press
I Found the Problum! Not enough time and heat and i should pre heat.
I took the shirt that had half to paper still attached and put a flat iron
to it. Man I almost burned it but I wanted a lot of heat.
Well the paper peeled off so easy !
So, I increased to 400deg for 15 sec, pre heat, med press.
and wow great result.
Now the paper peels of sooo easy with no pulling. to hell with the
I hope this helps somebody
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