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Paper Sources -SF Bay area

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there has been some talk lately about paper..different types etc..Thought I would add some info for those in the SF Bay Area. For sublimation there is Johnson Plastics in Concord, Nova Chrome USA in Pleasant Hill, CA and Photomugusa in Sunnyvale, CA. I have been looking for a laser or inkjet paper that is available in our area... Until recently there were none that I was aware of...at least inkjet paper. But I have just learned that our ole buddy, badalou, is at it again. He has added a paper to his list of weapons..JPSS I think..anyway for me that is super..can get it over night and in a bind, I can drive over..

Does anyone have any other sources in the northern CA area....say San Jose-Sacramento area?? if so chime in
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I order the soft inkjet transfer paper (I believe it's Ironall) from DharmaTrading.com

They're in San Rafael. I try to order before 11:00 a.m., and just choose regular mail for shipping, and I almost always get it the next day (I'm in the East Bay Area). I've also will called white tees when I needed them for a rush order. Although now, if I need to will call tees, I use Golden State Active Wear in San Jose.

What I would LOVE to find is a source for vinyl in the Bay Area. Oops, I think I just hijacked your thread.
Our warehouse is open in La Miranda. We stock many of our
transfer papers for sublimation, laser and inkjet. Also stock most freight
sensitive items (heat presses, mugs...)
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