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So I am taking apart this Epson SP 925 that I got for 10 bucks. I have unshelled it, have taken many internal parts out that are not needed ( at least as far as I can see ), and so far so good on getting it working. I have taken off the part that you feed the paper into and have put it to the side. I am not literally trying to print on a piece of paper anymore, but when trying to print a test page I get an error saying that the paper is not loaded correctly. I have tried playing with the paper sensor, if I am not mistaken, is on the part I had taken off and put to the side which feeds the paper.

At this point and time, I am stuck and do not want to go any further until I can actually print. If anyone has tried doing a 925, or knows how to make it print, please shine some light. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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