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Paper printing

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I printed some posters using the Nazdar Aqua-somthing ink recently and it really used up the ink fast. It is possible to water the inks down? Do most people print on coated stock so the ink doesn't soak in as much or would that smudge? Any links for info on the best way to do this? Thanks.
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I don't know how many people print on coated stock with waterbased inks, especially any kind of hard or gloss finish, as it seems to me it might tend to repel the ink a bit. I'm just thinking out loud here. I've printed yard signs with a solvent ink and it goes pretty far.
As for ink usage, what screen mesh are you using? What kind of stock are you printing on? There are some art papers that are really porous that would soak up thin inks pretty quickly, especially with a design with large open areas. As for mesh, I wouldn't use anything coarser than a 230.
Thanks for the reply. We're using 190 mesh. I'm not sure why I got that, but maybe Nazdar recommended that when we were buying the ink. We don't want to use solvent inks because of the smell.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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