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Paper jam error-PE sensor help?

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I've been tinkering with this Kiosk 2 for the past 2 days to get it up and running and I am getting an error after start-up.

*The printer starts up, does an automatic cleaning right away.
*The Error Eject light begins to blink.
*The Epson Status Monitor gives a paper jam error and indicates something to do with the PE sensor - I'm assuming that stands for Paper Eject sensor.

Have you ever experienced this error?
Can anyone point out for me where exactly that PE sensor is located?

P.S. I highly recommend the Status Monitor from Epson (free download from their drivers page), it's great help at least to me. The Kiosk with its 6 buttons and no display is pretty cryptic after working with the Epson 4800-based machines.

Update: here is the full error message:
"Paper jammed or not fully ejected"
Press the Paper button on the printer or click the Eject button when it appears on the screen.
If the paper does not eject completely, move the adjust lever to the lowest position and remove all of the paper by hand. Then reload the paper and return the adjust lever to its previous position.

In the meantime I tried:
-Cleaning the encoder strip (light brush with 70% alcohol, no visible ink/dust)
-Cleaning the encoder sensor area with compressed air
-Cleaning and oiling printbed rollers (the 16 white plastic ones)
-Cleaning the yellow board of the print bed (followed Harry's T2/G2 instructions)
-Cleaning the Epson feed rollers that guide the yellow board (light, thorough swab with alcohol)

Other info:
*Printer seems ok after start-up, brief Paper Jam error, then goes into Ready.
*When trying to do a nozzle check, printer gives a communication error in the middle, then comes back, nozzle check is never done, but printer goes into a cleaning automatically, then Paper Jam error comes back up.

*I also tried moving the print-bed by hand, while the printer was powered on, it went into the Eject position, then threw a Fatal Error (high-speed simultaneous blink of Error Eject+all 7 ink lights)
Would that be from the manual movement of the print bed?
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-Cleaning the encoder strip (light brush with 70% alcohol, no visible ink/dust)
-Cleaning the encoder sensor area with compressed air
be very careful when cleaning the encoder strip you wipe away the vital information on the strip.

we stopped using alcohol and switched to Windex w/ammonia .. diluted with distilled water or full strength.

make sure there is a clear path from the load sensors (lights near the bed) this may help with paper jam
You might also need to take the black frame covers off and clean the encoder wheel on the stepper motor. I forgot the name of it, but sometimes dust builds up on it so as the bed begins to move you can get errors.

Also clean your rails down with soap and distilled water very very very good, then oil them again. Just a light oil, not too much. The techs at SWF Mesa said to use 3 in 1 Oil, you might want to give that a try.

P.S. You might clean your rails before the encoder strip because its easy to splash on the encoder strip while cleaning.
Thanks guys, I think the outside parts are as clean as they'll ever be, there is no visible obstruction to the printbed movement. It's free as a bird.
I think this may have to do with the main board connections, but I can't confirm it without tracing the connections from the sensors and I don't see any way to get to the area underneath the printbed.
Is there a cable or something that can get worn to start messing up like this?
ribbon cable ..we replace ours whenever we replace our printhead sometimes even before we replace the printhead.

I don't have the status monitor setup on my computer so I don't know anything about the paper jam errors.

I have an Epson 810 all in one and we get the same message if there is a paper jam or if its out of paper its like a universal error message.
FYI it was the ribbon cable, thanks to everyone for their help!
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FYI it was the ribbon cable, thanks to everyone for their help!
Thanks for coming back and letting us know what the fix was.:)
DEar QY, can you give more details about ribbon cable?
i have same problems and cant find what and where to repairing. thanks.
The ribbon cable plugs into the head. Have you ever replaced it?
we use this printer 2 days.can you please check my video:
Dear friend, im only clean this transparent cable. after this begining most errors with paper jam.


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What changed before this started? Did you clean something or replace anything?
yes, we just clean with alchogol 100% this transparent ribbon.
we did it because, before this problem the printer table moving slowly than need it. and all prints will be with strips, because print head move faster than table.
These machines don't like alcohol. Was the machine off when you did so? Did you make sure it is still in it's correct location behind the carriage? What about the spring? You may have stretched it a little.
yes, we clean transparent ribbon with algohol. 100%
we clean it because the table moving slowly than printer head and garment has printing strips.
That's the encoder strip, not the ribbon cable. After this it started throwing this error?
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