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paper contour problem

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when I do sublimation on 100% polyester jersey I always see the paper line on the shirt, do you know how to get rid of that ? thanks
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There are a few ways:

1. make sure the pressure is not to high - light to medium usually works best;

2. you can carefully tear the paper edges off around the image - it will leave much less impression on the fabric;

3. use an insert/foam pillow to lift the area of the shirt you are pressing onto and make sure it's a little bit bigger than the design, but smaller than the transfer itself - this way the egdes of the paper will over-hang the insert and will not come into contact with the fabric at all.

There are quite a few threads about it in dye-sub section of the forums - just do a search on " press lines" or " paper lines".

Good luck with it!
we print on our wf1100 epson, full sheet of paper, and use foam under design, lite pressure. good luck uncletee.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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