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Pantone Ink Mixing/Matching Systems

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I'm hoping you can help understand the process of PMS for screen printing.

I presume that in order to mix a pantone screen printing ink you would mix together, either ready mixed base inks or a white base with concentrated pigment.

Apparently pantone colours are created using 14 base colours/pigments which are mixed using specific formulas within the pantone book to create the desired pantone colour.

My question is, are 14 base colours/pigments produced and distributed by Pantone? In the formulas, the base colours are prefixed with "PANTONE", e.g. "PANTONE Yellow 012".

For mixing pantone screen printing inks, how do i get the exact 14 pantone base colours for mixing?

Some ink producers/sellers offer a PMS but with 20+ base colours/pigments and requires the use of software. This suggests that others PMS uses there own formulas for creating the pantone colours as they are using different base colours. Does this mean that the formulas in the pantone books are redundant and that books are just used for colour reference?

With that in mind do other pantone mixing systems only create a simulation of the pantone colour due to not using the 14 pantone colours?

My last question is, how can i purchase the 14 base colours/pigments so that I can use the exact formulas in the pantone book without the use of software to produce true pantone colours?

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The Pantone system was originally created for offset printing on paper, hence U and C designations for printing the same color on Uncoated and Coated stock. Same ink...different results due to the substrate.

There are a number of reputable ink manufacturers that offer ready to use inks and formulas to match the Pantone colors. Once you buy into one brand, it is expensive to change because of the initial investment so look carefully. Software or a booklet will give you the percentages of the appropriate inks to achieve the color you want
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