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Hi guys,

I've got my designs ready to go to print. This is the first time I'm doing this so wanted to ask a question or two. Hope you can help...

I'm not having my inks 100% Pantone matched, but the place i'm having them printed mentions the following:

We can mix any color to your design specifications. Because of the variation in computer monitors, we can not guarantee color matching from digital files, but we will try our best (and our best is pretty close to perfect!)
I was just wondering - should I still give pantone codes anyway? Or just send my photoshop files off and be done with it. Should I give the pantone code that is provided on Photoshop perhaps? (I don't have the Pantone color book unfortunately)

Or, if there's anything else I could do to help make things easier and more accurate for the screenprinter, please let me know!

thank you

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Yes, if you have the color numbers, include them. Understand though that colors may still be off if you are relying on your computer monitor to choose colors.

Going forward if colors are that critical to you, a Pantone color guide is a must. Best $60 or so you'll ever spend.
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