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Pallet for youth shirts

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We just ordered our new 10s/8c Sportman E with 18" pallets. What additional size Pallets should we order for youth sizes? I am thinking 12" & 18" to cover youth small to adult XXXL.

Can anyone help with logo sizes too? What is the rule of thumb for t-shirt sizes? Meaning, if we have an order with YS, YM, YL, AS, AM , AL, AXL, AXXL, where do you draw the line and go to a second set-up? The logo that would be put on AXXL would look too large on which Y shirt? I think in the past, my screen printer put the same logo down to YL (maybe even YM) and then a smaller logo on the YS.

Thanks for any help.
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12" pallets are a great multi purpose size for womens and youth.

as far as print size is concerned, you may be better off putting that responsibility onto the customer. you can make comparison mockups of different sizes to explain your point and allow them to make an educated decision.
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