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The company is Pneumatic Systems, Hollywood Florida
I am in Canada.

I ordered a pad printer. It was not carefully packed and some damaged occurred. I am waiting for parts which may or may not come.
I was to get an initial ink supplies kit and not all pieces were there. I can understand that some hazardous solvent may not be suitable for shipping international, so shouldn’t I get something else in value?
I sent a bank draft before the machine was shipped. It totaled more than $3000 after I paid shipping.

We had agreed that he would provide a premade printing plate.
They forgot to put it in the package. So they sent it separately and I’ve just received a UPS bill for 105$. He doesn’t seem to think that he is responsible for this shipping. To make matters worse, the design was made backwards so it is useless. He is trying to say that is my fault too, as I didn’t mirror the file for him. However, there was another design on the opposite side of the the plate which was correct and I sent them the same artwork.
So I called Ed Wanisko this morning and he actually hung up on me.

Brenda in Canada
With a really expensive broken pad printer :~(

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Hi Brenda,

Just wanted to let you know I have moved this post out of the forums, as you already have a thread in the dtg section that is the same content. We dont allow duplicating threads in different areas of the forum. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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