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I have a sick kitty, so I'm liquidating some stuff that I have to cover his medical expenses.

I have a pad printer (SPC-100) that I got from All American Supply a few years ago and never used. I bought it with the kit that came with it. So there is an exposure unit, ink cup, pads, ink, cleaning chemicals, putty, and plates. The only thing missing is the small gram scale and that's because it didn't survive the move. One pad is still missing but it's here somewhere.. I just haven't found it yet. I did buy several additional plates a few years ago.

I have asthma and the chemicals were a bit much for me. And now that I've had to move and seriously downsize I just don't have room for it.

There is also a box of blanks that I bought from Acme. They are pencils, sewing kits, keyring flashlights, keyring whistles, keyring measuring tapes, clothes brushes, CD cleaners, etc.

This is for local pick-up only. I live in Ashtabula, Ohio. First $1,000 takes it.

You can call 440-721-1205 (B) or 440-536-4811 (H)
or email at [email protected]


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