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P600 ink system

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Hi guys,
I have a P600 dtg curently running with refilable catridges (you know the ones from China) and i want to take the next step. I am printing about 10-30 shirts per day. IA inks.
i am thinking going with the

1) InkRepublic - P800 Refill, P600 CIS, P600 Refill, R2000 CIS, Artisan 1430 CIS, R2880 CIS, 3880 Refill, 3800 Refill, R1900 CIS, R2400 CIS, R1800 CIS, R800 CIS, Artisan 50 CIS

2) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Empty-CISS-...540838?hash=item3d48274f66:g:1NIAAOSwEzxYcIlI

any advise ?
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Hi i bough china refill cart and i m looking for an another issue because the autoreset done when your cart should be empty after many print but the problem is if you need to do an initial ink charge twice.
So the cart do not auto reset when you turn of the peinter and turn on as per my epson 3880.
Another problem: if you have a p600 serie 1, the card are recognize.
If you have a serie 2 they aren't recognize.


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