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ownage is me and me is ownage!

theCount, that´s me - Graphical Savant, Happy together with the love of my life, (mostly) proud "owner" of a hyperactive French Bulldog called Stitch, Dedicated xbox360 Live Gamer (anything with guns, swords or heat seeking missiles), Anime and Manga, Ninjas, Cyberpunk and Mecha are what visually float my boat...

Originally from Manchester in the UK I now live in Germany about 25 miles from Frankfurt am Main.

I have always been a designer and I can´t see that changing at anytime in the future, at the moment I am launching my own design brand which should bag me a couple of Billion Euros in the next ten years...

I have been working with Photoshop amd Illustrator since version 1 and consider myself a power user with those tools, I ain´t scared of HTML, CSS and PHP either, but I do find myself constantly facing nervous collapse as I consider what my carefully crafted Blog Typography will look like, just while some web 1.0 purist has set his browser to display 18pt Arial headings and 14pt Georgia body copy, webdesign is fun but nervewracking. T-Shirt (Textile) Design on the other hand is really beginning to obsess me and I am just in the process of gathering the required machine park to fulfill my most wild graphical dreams...

I am not very good at this "Self Describing Stuff" so I will leave you with a couple of quotes...

"By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist" - Miyamoto Musashi

"Below Courage there is nothing" - Hatake Kakashi

and to further confuse the picture there are a handful of questionable webloggy type thingies done by and about me:

o w n a g e is the place to start klicking around in my world, comment luv owns...

on a completely deviant note you can get down and devious with yours truly over at deviantArt

so... I officially welcome myself to the T-Shirt Forum and look forward to communitifying with you all.

:mad: AND PLEASE... DON`T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! Don´t steal my designs, concepts, images or layouts they are all COPYRIGHT PROTECTED!!

©2007-2008 OWN® and CountZeero® Subject to National and International TRADEMARK Laws.
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