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I know the answers are here somewhere but I must be using the wrong search terms. I'm hoping it's ok to go ahead and post this.

I'm considering how it would be to use several ov the services as they each offer a few products the others don't, then drop ship to my customers.

I would take care of all the money, but would have say Cafepress or Spreadshirt dropship the items to the customer.

Would this not be ecinomical, especially with shipping costs? Should I choose one (like my already running cafepress premium shop) and then have a page in the shop that says something like "If you'd like to see these designs on other products check us out at zazzle, or spreadshirt. . ."

Which is the better way to go?

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As long as you have the customer paying the correct shipping costs, it might work out.

I have one store that I ship stuff on my own (screen printed t-shirts, etc) and I also have a cafepress store with similarly themed merchandise. For that store, I just have a link to my cafepress store.

Ideally, it would be nice to just include the cafepress products as products in my shopping cart and calculate the shipping, but that would be too complicated for me :)

If you wanted to include products from spreadshirt, cafepress, zazzle, etc, you probably could probably include them all in the same shopping cart (say powered by cubecart or something) and then make sure you included enough for shipping, and once you collected the payment for the order, you could place the order yourself at your spreadshirt or cafepress shop and have it direct shipped to the customer.

It would still have the shipping package labeled from the fulfillment company, but it might work. To combat the shipping costs from 2 different company's, you could increase your product markup a bit.

I can't think of an *ideal* way to do this to be honest. But maybe someone else has a more elegant solution?

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