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Oversized Plastisol Silk Screen Printing

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Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a Los Angeles silk screen vendor who can do oversized plastisol printing (especially for XL or tall shirts)? Thanks...
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For oversized are you talking about a print size of 25 x 36? With that size plastisol ink can become a very stiff and heavy print. I use discharge for darks and water based for whites when running oversized prints and all over. I also feel it adds a higher retail markup for clients.
Spreading Ink is in Temecula.
Thanks all. The advice is great. We are particular to use plastisol so our designs use negative space. For the XL size, the desired print size would be around 17 x 20. We will also desire a wider print on the sleeves. Ill take a look at the links.
What Garret said. finding someone who uses plastisol all over maybe hard.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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