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does anyone know where i can unload a t-jet 3 that needs refurbishing, i gave up on it a year ago and ...
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At one time I saw a bunch of used ones from Equipment Zone. Maybe you can check to see if they buy them.

If not, refurbish it, rent it to me and I'll make some money for you. LOL.
i talked to them today they are only interested in tjet 2s i have spent too much money and time on this machine already but thnks for the offer or i could sell it to you real cheap and you could fix it and make yourself a lot of money:)
So I guess you don't want to make money. How much are you selling it for, and what's wrong with it?
yeah i hate money, thats why i'm selling it instead of just going office space on it. i also don't need it. it needs a new print head and a new bulk ink system,capping station/pump assembly/wipers and maybe an encoder strip and ribbon cable maybe a motherboard. i don't really know. 3000 and buyer deals with shipping
Where are you located? How old is it? I wonder why Equipment Zone doesn't want a T-Jet 3? Were T-Jet 3's a problem?
Where are you located? How old is it? I wonder why Equipment Zone doesn't want a T-Jet 3? Were T-Jet 3's a problem?

I don't want to rain on your parade but you need to read up on DTG printers, T-Jet3 were so bad that it is rumored that they are the reason US Screen closed their doors, US Screen was the company that sold them.

I could go on.....but there isn't a point.
i'm in georgia, a guy just sent me a message on another thread that says he has one and it works fine, but he has done some work on it.
actually this is what he said exactly What wrong with it, besides T3 anyway.
Karl Steele at American Screen Supply can refurbish.
E Bay next best bet. T3 is not for the faint of heart. Or those without a large tool collection.
I have one that works fine, but I have done some work on it,
jon, what would you do with it
jon, what would you do with it
If it was mine.....I'd probably list all the problems it has or parts it needs, list it on eBay, or here , or both, sell it as-is that it's non-working.

The other side of it is if you have the business to justify having a DTG printer, I would look at the cost to have it repaired, I read the other post and I do know that there are a lot of T3s still printing so it's reasonable to assume that yours could be too.....the problem is that unless your willing to throw more money at it on a gamble, it's essentially a parts machine or a boat anchor.

You stated that it might need a mother board, that in it self is a major problem and would be the deciding factor as to if it's worth putting more money in, I not sure if the mother board is available, at one time they were not and I believe someone said they were in the $1000 range, of course if yours is bad there is a chance it could be repaired.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you had to put a few thousand dollars in a T3 to get it going it probably wouldn't be a wise choice of how to spend the money, and for a buyer if they paid a few thousand for it and had to put a few thousand more into it, it puts the buyer in a position where they could spend just a little more and get a refurb T2 and have a much more reliable printer.

I really don't mean to be the bearer of bad news but I'm just trying to state the facts as I see them....and it is just my opinion.

Hope this helps.
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its all good in the year it's been down i have redirected and now have just a few big customers who order regular screenprinted shirts. so i really just have no need for it. it was a bad deal. i spent nearly $15,000 on this and ? more to get and keep it running. i am going to put it on ebay today. when equipment zone didn't want it i knew something was rotten in denmark. i thought it must just be me. tech support would tell me things like is it near an ac vent, or you need a humidifier, i mean crazy stuff. anyway thanks for the advice i do appreciate it.
also i dont know for sure it needs a mother board or encoder strip or ribbon it was worse case scenario. would 1000 be a good starting point i am determined to get some of my money back.
also i dont know for sure it needs a mother board or encoder strip or ribbon it was worse case scenario. would 1000 be a good starting point i am determined to get some of my money back.
Yeah, the sum of the parts are worth that easily, and if by chance the mother board is good the price would jump quite a bit, encoder strips and ribbon cables are cheap and should be replaced with any head change anyway.....of course shipping is a issue, too big and heavy to go UPS or Fedex, most are shipped via truck freight which is pricey if it has to go very far.

But the RIP software, manuals, dongle, should be included also, don't bother with any ink or pretreatment you might still have if it's over a year old its no good.

Hope this helps.
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thanks i really appreciate it
The T3 had a problem with the drive unit. The backlash nut on the screw drive would come out of adjustment. Also the rails would bind. Backlash generally showed as bad registration. The rails showed as during start up the bed would move to back then stop and not move to initial position and the whole thing would stall. The rail problem could be resolved by loosening the 4 outer screws on the rear drive housing and running the bed back and forth a few times then with the bed close to the rear tighten the screws. Might take a few times. Another clue this is the problem is if whem it stalls you pull a little on the bed and it moves forward on its own with the help. Registration can be worked around by just doing one pass at a time. So it starts from a complete stop each time. I use a different rip that allows one file to be sent at a time. Print white. Then send color seperate.
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