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Over exposed or under exposed?? Please help

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I use Ulano EZ50 capillary film with a prints 770 series burner which uses UV lighting. I print my transparencies on an inkjet printer. I haven?t screenprinted in a few months and forget how long I used to expose the screens for. For the most part, the image washes out pretty well, but it blows out in a few spots.
The first one I exposed for about 2 min 30 seconds.
Second was about 3 min 20 sec
Third was 4 minutes.
Not sure what?s going wrong so any input would be great.
Thanks I?m advance.


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That looks underexposed and also like your emulsion isn't adhering well. Scrub the screen down with Bar Keepers Friend and use detergent to degrease it. Then burn it again and hit it fairly hard (use a step test if you have enough time to do it a third time.) Emulsion can take a fair amount of overexposure without loss of quality on solids like this...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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