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Outsourcing my printing

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I'm looking to outsource my printing. If your prices are low enough for me to get a decent mark up on, let me know. Also, I'm looking for contract printers.

Send me over your price lists to
[email protected]

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Are you looking for screen printing or direct to garment printing?

It might help to get better responses if you give more details such as how many and what type of printing (plasitol, waterbased), light color garments, dark color garments. Where you are located. These types of details will help for printers to decide if they are interested in doing the work. Hope this helps :)
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I'm in Mass, but the majority of my orders or via internet, so you could be anywhere if you'd be willing to do blind drop ships.

I was looking for standard plastisol printing. Although I wouldn't mind having access to a dtg. Basically, we aren't going to be doing our printing in-house anymore, and aren't looking to quit the industry.
thanks for the feed back. I have access to both screen printing & we have 2 direct to garment printers. I would be will to supply a DTG sample upon request.

If you would like, please email me your contact information to: [email protected]

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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