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Out of Screen Wash :(

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Im out of screen wash and have to clean a screen today to change colors....Is it OK to use turpenoid (turpentine substitute) to clean a screen between colors or will the residue mix w/ the plastisol and somehow effect the final prints longevity? I also have Alabtross 'Plast Wipe' as another option. I often a touch of either product on a rag to wipe down the print side of a screen during production to keep my lines crisp and have always wondered if their residues effect the plastisol in any way....

Thanks for the input!
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If you are changing from a light color to a dark color you may be able to just scrape all the existing plastisol off the screen and then wipe it down real good with a towel. Then print onto a used t-shirt with a clean squeegee a couple of time to push and final residue from the screen. Load the screen up with your new color and run a hand ful of test prints until all evidence of the other color is gone. This isn't ideal...but it may work for you in a pinch?
Thanks for the Reply QGraphix. That's probably a better idea then cleaning w/ turpenoid. I doubt my client will notice the slight difference in color after I switch over....Im printing white on black now and switching to lt. green on dark green.
I use simple green as a degreaser after I wash the emulsion off but before that, I use mineral spirits from home depot paint department to get all the ink off. Mineral spirits is the way to go to remove the ink.
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