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Out of ink, can I use distilled water?

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Hello all, so I've just had a major leaking issue with my cyan ink, it's all over the place except inside the bag x_x, so my question is, can I fill the cartridge with distilled water in the meantime?. (EDIT) I've already put the carts filled with distilled water in, now I have a doubt, should I tape the ends of the ink bags?? So they wont dry??
Any help will be greatly super appreciated.


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Yes you can. Cleaning solution is better. What happened?
Thanks Peter :), well I'm not really sure, hope I knew, this cartridge has been leaking ever since I put it in the printer, I have two others with the same problem, this one was the worst though, that's why I never wanted to roll them, but today I had to, there was no cyan in the lines, and this is what happened, I took it off the machine and it leaked everywhere, it didn't stop leaking till the bag was almost empty, it even covered the chip, now it lays in the trash can :(. I went from having a half full cyan bag to nothing in a day, lol sorry if I'm being dramatic, is just that it hurts seeing all that ink go to waste. So I can tape the ends of the ink bags in the meantime?
I understand your feeling. Dtg printers think ink is more worth than blood! Lol. Gentlely fold will nor harm. Please do not shake too hard, make sure go in all the way. Sounds strange? Isn't it? Lol
.This time I will replace cyan at no charge. Jus pay shipping please. Just copy paste this post and send to
Torie[USER=27311]@screenprints[/USER]upply.com 50912PT1.
Have nice dream. :)
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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I wonder whether the problem with ink leaking is caused during air shipment when there's a difference in pressue?

I lost 2 white carts in one shipment and another white in the next lot shipped to me. I didn't even fit them in the NeoFlex as I didn't want to risk more leaking inside the printer. Since then I've stopped using sealed carts and started using bulk/bottled BUT, I really do want to use sealed carts because of all the advantages over bulk.

I dismantled each of the carts and discovered the leaks were from the joints and not the bags themselves.
wow thanks Peter!! :D, that brightens my day haha, now, why does it happens?? John did the ink you got was already leaking when you got the package? Mine were good, until I put it inside the printer, I though maybe there was something wrong with the needle that pulls the ink to the printer, but I always put my white cartridges in different slots, and only one have this problem :/
Mine had leaked in transit Natasha. All the cartridges were covered with white ink so I had to check to find which carts were leaking.

Having used the alternative 'bulk white ink', I'd never recommend it as an alternative to sealed carts.
I had a similar problem with the yellow... it seems to be the clear bags. I cleaned the contact area very well with the cleaning solution and qtip. That helped a little bit, but near the end of the bag, I couldn't stop it from leaking. My guess is the spring in the bag that pushes the ball is not strong enough? or something gets caught in there? But my bag, it wasn't the bag itself, but at the tip/nozzle.

I had a black that bursted or leaked completely during shipping. AA immediately sent a replacement.
Yeah, I thought about using the bulk system, but I've read here so many horror stories about them, thanks for the advice though. And that's exactly where is leaking, at the tip/nozzle ink just wont stop pouring out, wish I knew what triggers this so it won't happen again. Yes AA support is amazing :)
if I'm running low on white ink, or any ink, am I able to put a little distilled water in it to help make it last longer? I'm asking because I was told that I could, but I don't trust the guy.
I always keep empty cartridges that where good just so I could transfer ink from a bad one into the good one if I have to.The ink in the empty cartridge will not dry because of the vacum in the bag.worth a try.
if I'm running low on white ink, or any ink, am I able to put a little distilled water in it to help make it last longer? I'm asking because I was told that I could, but I don't trust the guy.
It won't hurt but your opacity will drop and image will smear. Keep head wet purpose like Natasha but not for extend prints. You will mess up chemical balance, viscosity.
Cheers! Beers are on me always.
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