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I am sure there are a few other printers here who also offer wholesale/fulfillment services but are not as sophisticated as CP, Zazzle and the main services.

Would it be possible to have a listing/folder for those that possibly offer this service or an alternative source?

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Fred, for right now, my focus is to help answer questions from the services that people are using most (like cafepress/zazzle, etc).

Since there is a smaller userbase for the "alternative" sources, it doesn't seem to really necessitate a separate folder at this time (we haven't even filled up the folders for the "big" services).

The idea of the folders is to give folks that use these services or plan to use these services a place to discuss and share issues.

As the need arises, there may be room for adding new forum categories, but since T-Shirt Forum is still new, I'd prefer not to add too many new categories that may not get used and give the appearance of a dead forum (the ArtApart fulfillment folder isn't even used and they are a "largish" company).

If there are general fulfillment issues that you'd like to bring up, you are welcome to post threads in the main T-Shirt Fulfillment category forum here:

The "Post New Thread" button for that forum is right under the folders for the various companies.

I appreciate the feedback. Any other questions, please let me know.

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