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OK, I don't know how I got this way..

I have two rows of clothes in my closet; an upper and lower row. The lower row gets all of my nice dress shirts and nice Fall sweaters and stuff. I never wear anything that is on the lower row. Most of them still have all the tags on them.

The top row has all my t-shirts which are hung so that all the fronts are facing left. They are all on thick plastic hangers which are all the same. They are sorted by lights and darks. I never do my laundry until I'm almost out of t-shirts so that way I get to wear almost all of them before I have to start over again. Anything I haven't worn during that "cycle" gets pushed to the far right of my closest which effectively pre-sorts the t-shirts for the different seasons. All summer, the winter themed t-shirts keep getting pushed to the right. In the winter the summer tees get pushed to the right.
After I've worn them for several years (mostly concert tees and biker tees) they end up getting fairly worn out and then they go into the bottom drawers of my dresser (unfolded). These are my "mowing the lawn and working on my truck" tees. After they get screwed up even more, they turn into general shop rags which go into a box in the garage. So there you have the life cycle of my tees and how I organize them until they die.

By the way, I don't think hanging the tees up is what ruins the necks, it's when you decide which one you want to wear and then yank it off the hanger without taking it taking the hanger off the rod. You need nice hangers too that support the tees from the shoulders instead of just the neckline.
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