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Most of the regulars don't, but there are some people here who do. I'm pretty sure there are at least two companies, who occasionally post on the forums, that specialise in organic cotton t-shirts (mostly with imprinted logos or eco-friendly messages).

It's not a big thing here, so it may take longer than two days to get a response unfortunately, but there are some people.

Speaking for myself, I'd love it if the major companies started using organic cotton (the cotton industry concerns me greatly), but I'm not particularly interested in dealing with small startups who haven't got their sh*t together yet. Once I really have my sh*t together I'll look into getting blanks made under more favourable conditions, but for now that's a pipedream.

The fact is that cotton, organic or not, is not an eco-friendly plant. Organic beats pesticide doused, but it's all really bad.
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