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Organic Cotton/Fairtrade shirts

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What shirts would you use or have used? Customer wants good quality organic cotton, natural colour. They have bought Okarma before, not sure where that manufacturer sits in terms of quality/cost etc.

Continental are an obvious choice but as I've not bought organic before I'd appreciate some advice.

Thanks in advance!
Justin :)
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Conti has some great organic and bamboo garments, but better yet, check out their "Earth Positive" line. The garments are super nice and the are so reasonably priced it's awesome! Not only are they organic, but they're produced in facilities that use turbine and solar power, etc...
I use Earth Positive stuff and I think they are great. They just recently came out with a line of tote bags and also wms fitted tees (that I think are awesome). Can't beat that there stuff is made in factories that are run on solar and wind power.
take a look a orotoro at a.s.p industries the have some nice organics.
how do the earth positive tees discharge?

are they ok when using discharge ink?

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