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Ordering more than one color on a design

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Ok, stupid question alert! I've ordered a few one color designs from F&M and I've managed to get those ordered and designed with minimal issue. I'm trying now to wrap my brain around doing more than one color. So I have a few questions.

1. Each layering is considered a color no matter if it's the same color repeated right?

2. When ordering transfers can you do gradients and like 50% opaque colors?

3. When ordering transfers you have to start with the top first and the base last right?

I've digitized with embroidery for quite a while so have the whole color layers down and how to view objects by their layers (it's hard sometimes not to).

I know it's dumb stuff but I just want to be sure I'm comparing apples to apples and don't REALLY mess up my first multi color order. I've read about trapping but just was making sure each color layer was what counted as a color and not the actual color. Also about doing some sort of gradient or blend. It's a lot to learn and every day I feel like I'm making progress in Illustrator, but I can't wait till I can do the 2 minute knockouts of artwork. And even print my own transfers.... wow maybe someday ;-) thanks
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Number 1, No if you have the same color you put it in the same layer. If you had a bike that's blue, and a helmet that's blue, they'd print all the blue in one color. What I'm saying is if the blue is the same.

If you have a sky blue, and a navy blue those are two different colors.

2) Gradients and like 50% opaque colors: They can be made on the same screen (color), but it depends on the screen printer. Some screen printers want them on separate screens.

3) As far as which to order first is up to the company you're buying it from. Ask them what they prefer. They all start screen printing with the base first, but they don't all screen print the colors in the same order. I.E. Darks to light or light to dark.

We do th base and end with borders if they have one.
Selanac seem's like your custom plastisol transfer page is not working. Could you give me a price list.
Thanks y'all. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the short cuts of using as few screens as possible. AND it's a lot different from embroidery because you have no pull compensation right? I'm in SP equipment hunting mode and if I can find some fairly cheap I think I'm going to jump on it.
Check out youtube, theres a number of videos that explain the color seperation process. Even though you may have designed your image with different layers ultimately anything that is the same color will be on the same screen come printing time. I normally will keep 2 files of the design, one color seperated file and one with the original layered design. Makes it easier if i need to make any changes down the road. Sometimes i have clients that request to change a color or small design.
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Haven't decided what to charge for the Custom Transfers yet. Only doing them for myself to take to shows.

You can click on my Contact link and ask me questions concerning that.
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