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Ordered Prochem DXP but got WR-6. Can I use it?

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As the title says, I ordered CCI ProChem DXP Pink Dual Cure Diazo Emulsion.(Qt CCI DXP Diazo-Photopolymer Dual Cure Direct Emulsion) I was sent Something called CCI ProChem Purple WR-6 water resistant Emulsion by mistake.(http://www.silkscreeningsupplies.com/site/799934/product/CCWR6-Q) I will call the company tomorrow but I am very behind on some work due to waiting for this stuff to come in. Im wondering if I can just use this stuff. From the description it appears it is for use with plastisol or water based inks. If anyone has any experience with it, could you please tell me how the purple WR-6 differs from the Pink DXP?

Is the dry time any longer or shorter than the pink?

Is it thinner thus requiring more coats on the screen? Or is it about the same viscosity?

Can I get the same fine detail in my stencils that I can with the pink?

Can I use the same emulsion remover to clean the purple off? (CCI ER 35 Emulsion Remover Qt)

Thanks in advance everyone.
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