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Oracal 651 is safe or toxic?

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I have a project that I make sticker with oracal 651 on mugs and glass!
Because this project is for kids party and after they keep the mugs and glass with their names of it!
Is it safe wash the mugs/glass with oracal 651 on it into the dishwasher with other glasses/ plates or the oracal contain toxic?
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Here's the SD sheet for Oracal. It appears that the adhesive is not toxic but some of the colors are a concern. I'd call Orafol and ask them if it's approved for use on food containers. https://s3.amazonaws.com/fellers/staging/documents/Oracal_651_MSDS_(Current_2014).pdf
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oracal recommends the 751 or 951, better vinyl = better results

even then it is hand-wash only, as some machines and their detergents may adversely affect the adhesive

if they are tapering-style glassware, don't forget to adjust design to match or it may wrinkle when being applied
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