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I have a customer who keeps ordering more and more of their logo, Its about 2" x 0.7" with four inside parts (like inside of O) and fairly thin features. I've made probably about 5000 of these so far, I've tried to get them to use heat transfers, silk screening direct etc but they really like the sharpness of the vinyl and the fluorescent color of the Easyweed they use. I just got an other PO for 4000pcs more and would like to see if there is any kind of machine or process to make this easier? Is there a vinyl cutter that I could force to cut through the backing on the inside features (this would save a ton of time weeding)? Or is there any other tricks? (I know of heating the vinyl to make weeding easier, the issue is that the features are fairly thin so it takes care to weed properly).

all ideas are welcome!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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