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Options on addtional Embroidery machines

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Options for addtional Embroidery machines

We currently have 6 Baruden BET-Z1 machines and are looking to possibly add additional machines. I would like to get peoples opinion on the following questions
1: More of the same BET-Z1?: + easy, - less diversification
2: Alternate machines: - new learning curve, will it work with our software (Wilcom)/files/file server (LEM Jr)?
3: Very limited machine, 1 color only (Xmas stockings): what options are available?
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Re: Options for addtional Embroidery machines

I would stick with Barudan. You know those machines. Why learn another brand?
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What type of work do you do if you have six single color machines? Personalization? I like the idea of staying with the brand you know and must like.
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