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options for 8x all over print shirts

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I need some help. I have a customer that has a brand for BIG guys. He has two designs that he wants to be all all over prints on 4x up to 8x. I cant touch that with my press, Well maybe with my manual and a 4x4 platen haha.
Can a belt printer print huge sizes like that? If not what are my options for printing. Any suggestiosn or leads would be great.

design 1 = single color design on front
design 2 = single color design on front with single color design on rear (same design as front)
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thanks royster13 ill check them out
If you are still looking, we offer AOP out of California. All Production is done on the industry leading presses.

We may be able to make something happen at that size.

Shoot me a call or email if you are interested,

Jason A


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