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Opinions on HPN black series 16x20 swing

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I am considering buying

It is a swing are 16x20 from Heat press nation.
The other option was a hix swingman 20e but I feel like all presses will develop problems over time so for $600 it was a good idea to get the hpn 1620 swing.

Anyone own a black series swing? How has it preformed? Any problems.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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So, Has anyone here used anything other than Ebay $150 5 in 1 heat presses? Care to chime in anyone?

I have been searching these forms for days and no one has a picture of a hix swingman.

Whats sad is when I dig deep in the search for Hixswingman 20E or hix Swingman 15 ,
most of the posts are mine!

During my time I have used Geo knight dk20sp and dk20s, Stahls hotronix swing away and hover press. Stahls hotronix cap press. insta press,Mighty press, Different cheap china brands . Never a hix.

I want to buy the swingman 20E for my house. I have made a 20amp toggle switch outlet and I have an oven thermometer I will rig onto it. The toggle switch is so I don't have to touch the dial anymore I can keep it at same temp exactly everyday and power it using the toggle.

If anyone has any photo of the swingman 20E please share. I would like to see how the wire is. I have noticed it to be built in. I would like to see up close pics of:

In between the bottom plate and back hinge where the shirt collar would be

Also would like close up of handle hinges.
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Hix are built well and are great press's...you should be happy with it.

We prefer Geo Knight presses here.

Any of the "big 3" Geo Knight, Hix, and Stahls presses will be quality built and last.
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