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I am wondering if there are any USERS IN THE FIELD who would be interested in sharing about their experiences with various closed cartridge print systems, specifically on 48xx print systems?

On the particular 48xx system that I am running, we currently use an open cartridge (bulk) system; believe it or not, we actually don't have very much of an issue with banding, for the most part. In fact, I find that the amount of cleaning cycles I have to do on this machine, is just slightly more than I had to do with the Brother 541 printer I had (although overall, we do spend more time maintaining the Epson machine - usually preventative maintenance, however). Regarding the CMYK inks, we almost never have dropped nozzles - I have become spoiled to running a nozzle test print every day, and finding nothing less than 100% CMYK nozzles firing. For the white ink, we usually just need to do one, maybe two quick head cleaning cycles to get the heads moist and ready to go, before all the nozzles are firing.

The thing I notice the most, is that the white ink does not seem to stay well mixed (the thorn in the side of all dark-garment DTG printers) in the lines or the head, so it seems as though the white ink will come out lighter and less opaque than it should, until we have run some prints through to get the ink moving (even if we print every day, the first prints of the new day still seem to be "lighter", despite the fact that we don't seem to be missing any nozzles). Shaking the ink in the bulk cartridges is not terribly difficult, but I don't feel we get it all mixed up properly, for fear we might overdo it (or send white ink flying all over the place) - additionally, there seems to be ink that always builds up at the bottom, regardless of the fact that we run a LOT of ink through there. This got me wondering if a CLOSED INK SYSTEM would help to reduce some of these problems, or maybe offer a greater amount of reliability than the traditional open system? Since banding and ink starvation are not really the issues we face, I am not 100% sure that a closed system would help us out; however, I want to explore all my options!

The companies that currently make the closed carts (feel free to add any that I miss!):

Belquette Printsrite (bags) - PrintsRite 500mL Bag Ink White
I like the fact that they are clear, so you KNOW you are using ALL of the ink in the bags; however, I don't believe they offer a system for the 48xx based machines.

DTGInks.com - 220ml Closed /Sealed Ink Cartridges for the Anajet
An option for closed cartridges, but the details are a little fuzzy to me; I see the "closed carts" listed for sale, but I also see "220ml bags" listed for sale.... Are the bags meant to be put into the cartridges when the old bags are empty, or do they connect somehow to the cartridges, from the exterior? Is there a risk with wearing out any seals, if you are replacing the internal bags on a semi-frequent basis?

All American - Dupont
These seem to be similar to Dan's (DTGInks.com) product, although they don't offer the "bag only" option; not sure if that matters or not.

Am I missing anybody major? Preferably, I'd only like to look into companies that sell Dupont ink, since this post is not about ALTERNATE INK BRANDS; it is simply a comparison of the DUPONT INKS in various closed delivery systems. Most likely, I will experiment with a few different options to determine which one works for me. Thanks for any input!

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I know it's not related to the 48xx, but this was our experience with Cartridges when using the Open EquipmentZone bulk Ink system and the Belquette Closed ink system. The Carts just seem to hold too much Ink and it settles, no amount of printing seemed to mix it, we had to take the carts out and either shake them or re-prime them. This only occured after several weeks of printing but once the separation began, there was no other choice.

Dampers worked much better because they do not hold that much ink.
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