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opinion on tshirt design

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let me know what's yall opinion on this design.

pknocks apparel concepts; prosper oppertunity to knockin hard to thrive for success.


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I have been a Graphic designer for many years and designed, thousands of logos, hundreds of websites, shirts etc (just so you know that I have a little experience with design)

just a few notes from my opinion:

I would move the print up a bit. Not too many people want the focal point to be below the chest.

Im not a huge fan of having an icon: the"PA" and the small text continuing off of it, I would have the PA as a separate icon and just type the entire name below or to the left.

Other than those things, its simple and sweet.
thanks for the advice. just wanna make it great,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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