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opinion on sierra hot fix software

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Opinions please :)

I am seriously looking at the cams machine and am wondering whether to stick with the gem master software or purchase the sierra software.....

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Do you do embroidery now? What cams machine are you looking at?

Reason for the two questions:

If you do embroidery now sierra will be more natural to you. If not then it will be a little harder to learn at first then GemMaster. If you are getting the 1v-2p than I would also stick with GemMaster.

We have the cams and have booth Sierra and GemMaster and the designers wanted to stay with GemMaster because of the ease of use. Sierra has some nice features but they knew GemMaster and we would have to pay for each station - GemMaster allows you to grow and doesn't charge for each copy.

GemMaster is very basic - I compare it to Paint. Sierra has some nice features but still doesn't have some of the nice tools that GemMaster does.

Let me know if you Have some Specific questions.
Thanks for answering Scott.

We are looking at the 1v-2p machine. So you feel the gem master software is more user friendly?
I think it is more user friendly and easier to use at first. Sierra has more features than GemMaster but I would still start with GemMaster and then if you need the features of Sierra later you can always get it then.
I have a 1v2p and started out with Gem Master. It is pretty easy to learn and I became pretty good at putting designs together.
I would start with Gem Master and see what type of designs you are doing. If you do alot of fill designs Sierra will make things way faster.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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