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Opening Digitizing company

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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to re-open my digitizing company. I use to be able to charge 8.00 per thousand stich. I would like to know if I charged 3.00 per thousand if that would be a fair price? Also is there a market out there still for digitizer.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback I could receive before I decide... Thanks
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Seems to me that with all places doing digitizing on the net, opening another digitizing biz would be like opening another casino in Las Vegas. You price of $3 per K is about what others are charging
Would it be feasible to open another one or is the market saturated with digitizer
I certainly have not noticed a shortage but if you are very good, there can always be a need for excellence
I use a digitizer that has an office at my wholesale printer. He's not part of them but it's really convenient and reasonable. Seems to be kept busy....and the 3 per k is close. good luck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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