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Opaque Waterbased Inks

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I Have Been Using Plastisol Inks(oil Based)for A While Now. Was Wondering If Anybody Knew Of Any Opaque Waterbased Inks Out There, As I Am Printing On Dark Coloured Shirts,with A Large Print Area To Cover.
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Have you tried just asking your supplier? Around here at least they're a standard line.
i'm looking for a water-based opaque yellow for printing on green shirts.

i've tried mixing Aquabrite yellow with white and that works, but it's not a rich yellow.

winds up being more lemony in color and i'm looking for a something more like a golden color.

any suggestions? matsui?
Matsui is good. You could get their pigment system, or just some yellow pigment, add it to their opaque white as a base, and you'd be good. with the full pigment system you could add smaller amounts of other pigments to vary the shade of yellow. I pigment matsui discharge when I need yellows on dark shirts.
You can get it from Screen Printing Equipment, Supplies, Service & Support - Westix Online.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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