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Hi all,
I have been using transfers for light colors for awhile. I just started doing Opaque transfers recently and have had one problem after another.

1. I own a lexmark C912 laser printer
2. I bought some 11x17 Opaque paper called "LASER 1 OPAQUE"
when I send it thru my printer (even on the heavest cardstock option)
The ink will not fuse to the paper.
3. I did however get about 2 out of 20 I tried to print to fuse enough (expect around some edges) to the paper. so I press it to a shirt and it looks GREAT!

4. I knew this paper was'nt going to work in my printer, so I sent it back, went in town and bought some FOREVER DARK opaques, they go thru my printer and come out beutiful!! I press them on the shirt, and the look TERRIBLE, I have tried everything, temp, presssure, press time, silicone sheets, gloss over lays,, dont matter, always looks terrible (it looks like it is pixelated, or like the transfer to adhere to the shirt well enough,, looks fuzzy.. just looks BAD!!)

5. my mission? to find a good paper that does'nt cost a fortune but will work in my C912 laser, and be 11x17 Opaque. anyone know a good paper that does'nt cost alot and still looks good? ($2.00 and more a sheet is too much!)

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