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Hello all,

I am going to open my store soon and have been testing transfer paper, the jpss works great for the light colored shirts, but I am having a problem with finding an opaque transfer paper that doesn't damage after 1 wash. I have tried 3G, Inktra Opaque and Jet dark. All the samples come out the same, after 1 wash they look damaged, they don't peel or crack but where the image crinkles in the wash the image looks lighter, damged and beat up like it was scratched (especially on black images) is the best way I can describe it. I have been trying to trouble shoot this to find out if I am doing something wrong on my end. I used an Epson wf-7010 with cobra pigment cis. I have a geo knight DK20 heat press and I follow the pressing instructions to the letter. I am washing the shirts with the typical inside out no harsh detergent instructions, any ideas on what could be going wrong? I have seen other people talk about problems with opaque transfer paper but haven't found any solutions. thanks for any advice or tip.
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