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Hello All :)

I'm totally new to this and im looking to start my own home business on the side of my regular job,
and was wondering for a good local supplier in south ontario Canada . Im looking for a good starter press and mesh screens . I want to start of making 1 or 2 colours fonts across the chest on black or white t-shirts , could someone advise on a screen count for simple fonts .

Also im building my own exposure unit and had set out to build a 24 x 30 with uv BL in it , which im sure good for what i want to do . But reading how addictive this hobby is i dont really want to rebuild and waste more money so after reading into your forumz i found out that the metal Halide is the way to go . ive search several sites and found it to be abit pricey , but came across this canadian seller on ebay , Can someone on this forum check this listing out for me and could let me know if this set up would work :) 1000 W HPS & MH Switchable Ballast + 2 pcs Grow Bulbs on eBay.ca (item 280546522418 end time 08-Sep-10 11:44:10 EDT)

Many thanks for any input :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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