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Is this site exclusively T-shirts? While I am have not yet printed my first product, I see other possibilities for my trademark and images.

What about similiar products? Besides shirts, what if I want to put my images on mugs, water bottles, wheel covers, (external wheels on back of jeeps, etc), towels?

In particular, I have an idea for an image that I thinking of putting not just on a T-shirt, but also beach towels. Do we need seperate forumns for these catagories, or one catch all "Other" forum?

I am learning that there does not appear to be any manufactures of towels here in the states, (yes\no?). Buying overseas means having to buy way more then you need to see if the product will take off. I understand that printing on towels does not take that well, and, does not hold up, (especially grinding sand into it on the beach). When you see a beach towel with sea shells and fish, etc., how did they create it? Were those paterns and colors weaved into it? Any ideas of where to go to get something like that made, small lots to beging with, reasonable priced?

Is there a spell check feature anywhere here?



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Hi Lou,

Feel free to post your questions about towels in the General T-Shirt Selling forum.

I don't think there is any way to get beach towel style printed towels in small quantities. They can only be done in large quantities because of the way they are made.

There is not currently a spell-check feature, however I will add that to the list of features to add.

Although the sites focus is the t-shirt industry, you are welcome to post related questions in the forums to see if any of our members may be able to help with an answer.
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