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Online merchandiser for band tshirts

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Hi there.

I am a member of a rock band and we are looking to start selling our tshirts online.

I was wondering if there are any companies who might provide an online service selling Tshirts on behalf of bands/music artists. Much like CDbaby does with CDs - where we would send our artwork to the company and provide a link on our website which fans could use to buy their shirts. The company keeps it's share of the payment and credits the rest to us.

Does anybody know of such a service? Or perhaps someone on this forum is involved in a service such as this?

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Check out the "T-shirt Fulfillment Services" section of the forum. They are not just for bands, but they pretty much offer the services you are looking for.
well look for bigcartel.com
its free for 5 products
10$ for 25 products for a mth and so on... its an easy setup
money goes to your paypal or however you set it up... just look up....
no hidden cost no nothing... your shop can start in a few minutes....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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