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Established custom t-shirt website and ebay store. This site is perfect for someone in the direct-garment-printing business.

Online custom t-shirt business: Goonatic Wear T-shirts and ebay store ($1500 to $2000 in sales)

We have a custom design your own t-shirt tool. The design tool is at: Goonatic Wear T-shirt Design Tool
The tool is custom code and is based on open source code, Imagick. There are no licenses regarding the scripts. When a customer saves a design. The design information is saved into a database. Once a customer buys a shirt, the design info (text, font, font color etc) is transferred to fastartist and printed to the shirt.

Our ebay store is the main source of income for this site:
March: $1778
April: $1701
May: $1966
June: $2360
July: $2003
August: 8/1 to 8/12 $700

ASKING PRICE: $6000 (about 4 months of sales)

Please message me for Paypal reports ([email protected])

Our ebay id is goonatic-wear.

The ebay store is at eBay Store - humorous t-shirt: funny t-shirt saying, t-shirt humor, parody

We have a feedback rating of 560+ with 100% positive feedback and ranked as a Power Seller. Info on hundreds of customers.

We run one "custom t-shirt" listing each day on ebay and that brings in traffic to our store. Monthly ebay fees are: $20 for the store with 150 listings, $30 for auction listings. The final value fee for each shirt is about $1.50.

The niche is the 5 to 10 t-shirt orders. Someone buys one shirt. Then they come back for 5 or ten more. The repeat customers usually pay directly through paypal, saving on ebay fees. We also get the schools, bands and other orgs that want 100+ shirts.

You get:
Ebay store with 560+ feedbacks, 100% positive, Power Seller status.
Custom design-your-own tshirt tool
Monthly sales on the order of $1500 to $2000.

NOTE: We run the custom tool on a virtual dedicated server at Godaddy. The code requires PHP, imagick and won't run on a shared server. The godaddy server is about $40 a month.

Is this site going to top Zazzle.com or spreadshirt.com? No, but we have carved out a pretty good following on ebay. No google advertising required. The customers are there on ebay, searching for custom t-shirts.

This site is my baby and got me started in the DTG business. However, I am too busy with my local t-shirt business and want to concentrate on the brick-and-mortar business.



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