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one pass with color and white

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I just got doing a job, they wanted a sport grey shirt, i did a design for them from scratch, and in the design i had a little white outline around some letters. When i went to print i said to myself what was i thinking now i have to use color profile instead of just pretreat and use white layout. So is their a way to just do one pass that lays down color and white when you dont need much white in the design. I know in the settings their is lay color first than white, but that would just lay white all over the color.
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When I get to work I'll post what I would try, I have to look at the Neorip software to get the steps correct.
Bring your image into Neorip, Select your composite layout, Select Colored Shirt Profile. (Put your image onto the platen like normal)
add the image to the rip queue manager, rip the image.
After the image is ripped right click the image in the rip queue, on the pop up menu choose "Print Selection".
Under the print selection dialog box un-check "White underbase and leave color layer checked.
This will let you print the color layer along with a hi-lite white on one pass. It will not be a full white but might be alright with pretreat applied to the garment.
I tried this today and it worked.
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Graphic Guy is correct, and it should work so long as you don't need any white ink UNDER any of the colors.

i've had a few of those moments too, when i'm designing it all looks great, and then i go to print, and i say, "what was i thinking???".
Thanks for the tip guys, this should save me much time in the future since it seems like i am doing a lot of light gray shirt for business around my area.
Glad I could help
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