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I'm new to heat pressing but already have a few people asking if I can do a shirt for them. Not all the same shirt, but I've had a few that want their own version shirts for running different races, etc.

I do embroidery and have a press. I don't do screen printing or print transfers, nor can I afford a vinyl cutter right now. I had looked into getting an Oki color laser, but it's about the price of a us cutter so I've got to make sure what is right for me before taking that leap.

I'm thinking that I would need to approach either a vinyl cutter or someone who prints their own transfers. I would do all the art work but was wondering if there are people in business who do this sort of thing (online) or if this is pretty much a one on one local type of thing? Also, if I decide on vinyl could I buy a certain length of it or do I have to buy a whole roll? I know of a certain cutter that does things for large trucks (they have a big Roland), but doubt they have any shirt vinyl.

I was just wondering what the preferred method would be other than buying a machine to handle it. Believe me, I'm going to if I can get enough business to justify it and I can pay cash. But right now that's just not the case. I'd like to be able to build some business so I don't want to turn away people.
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