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Hi all,

Like (seemingly) everyone else in the universe, I want to start my own t-shirt business someday. yippee! :)

Right now I am in the planning stages. I spend ridiculous amounts of time online, researching anything that has to do with t-shirts, entrepreneurship, graphic design, trends, marketing, and etc.

Hopefully someday all of this info I've been soaking up will be useful, and I will actually get things started!

Anyway .. This forum is really nice and it's full of good advice, so I thought I would sign up.

As far as advice of my own - I've been doing freelance graphic and logo design for quite a while now, so if you are looking for someone to create or critique a design for you, I might be able to help.

Also I know a little bit about setting up a booth at a trade show, if you want any advice about that.

Hmm.. and, of course, I'm a consumer, so I know what I will buy and what I won't buy, and why. So if you want some honest feedback for your site I'd be happy to oblige.

That's about it.. :) See you all on the threads.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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