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I am looking a form of Contract (Agreement) which i need to sign with organizer before we will arrive to the Event.
I am specializing in custom on-site event apparel merchandise.

Thanks for any help
Let me start this by saying "I AM NOT GIVING YOU LEGAL ADVICE"

With that said :

If you're trying to draw up a contract I suggest you do your homework first.

Contracts 101: Make a Legally Valid Contract | Nolo.com would be a good place to start. But I would read more into it.

There are also a few resources online that can generate a contract for you (these are all paid services I believe). Anyway the best advice is to always speak to an attorney. You can of course write the contract up yourself but I will warn you that in my experience most of those contracts I've reviewed aren't worth the paper they were printed on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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