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Hello to the best and helpful forum members on the planet,
SORRY about my English, hope that you understand my problem and help me to solve this issue,
yesterday i made a huge mistake and registered a paper size on the operation panel led screen on the printer himself for the multi purpose tray,
and now when i'm print a t shirt design or sticker design from Photoshop or adobe illustrator and select the paper size that different from the paper size i registered on the operation panel led screen on the printer, i select the paper size i want to print from Photoshop or illustrator but the paper size on the operation panel is different so it's printing an half paper and not the size i selected from Photoshop printing settings,
ALL THE problem is from the multi purpose tray.
My question is please how do i cancel or disable the paper size from the operation panel led and that only Photoshop or illustrator paper size setting will control on the paper size i want to print.
thank you so much for your time and help.
i attached a photos from the led screen that can't be disabled ,
ALSO i really want to know how to do a hard restore for the printer to factory default and maybe it will solve this problem


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