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Oki C711WT or sublimation

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Help....I was using the Ricoh 3110dn quite happily until it started leaving lines in the middle of the page and the sides.
It cost me £40 to buy new around 2 years ago.

I am currently without a sublimation printer so cant print any mugs
can anyone recommend a cheap replacement to the Richoh 3110dn. I don't want to waste money on the Sawgrass equivalent for the same thing to happen again.

Do I get a replacement or look at getting the Oki C711WT....

i'm so confused any advice welcome

Thank you
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When my Ricoh printer bit the dust, I switched to an Epson WF-7610 with Cobra inks.

That gave me a maximum transfer size of 13"x19" right out of the box.

The cost with an ink supply and refillable cartridges was considerably less than the 8"x10" Ricoh/Sawgrass machine alone, without any inks.

In Canada, the Epson WF-7610 is usually on sale somewhere for about $150 so even if it fails, a replacement is no big deal. That's half the cost of the bypass tray alone for the larger Ricoh to get to that size. Same old Sawgrass gouging.

What I really miss though is the larger size transfers (17"x22") which my Epson 4000 printed along with 8 ink colours.
Why would you replace a sublimation ink jet printer to make your mugs with a Oki expensive 711WT laser toner printer?
I don,t see your logic.
The Epson 7210 or the 7610 with generic sub. inks will do the trick for you.
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